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    Hi, I am a starter with Java and now I have the last problem to solve in my first "bigger program" I don't know how to explain what my program should do but I will try to describe my problem:

    so the problem:
    I have two arrays of pictures and every picture is in both arrays. User tryes to sort all pictures into a sequence. One array represents the right sequence and user changes the second array sequence. After every change, program has to compare if the user sequence is the same as a right sequence. but I don't know how...
    I tried this code, but all the time, the value of s is 0.

    int s = 0;
    for(int j = 0; j < 15; j++){
    if(array[j] == right[j]){
    s = s + 1; }}
    if (s == 15){array[15] = array[16];}

    could you help me???
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