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    Default Java Applet to Read passed variable from php pages

    I am making a java applet that will literally read (text-to-speech) the word passed by a Php page..

    this is trial code in php (i made a simple one first to make it easier to look for the error)
    <? $readme="hello hello hello"; ?>
    <applet code="HelloWorld.class">
    <param name="readme" value="<?php echo $readme; ?>" />

    then this is the code form my java program..
    public class HelloWorld extends Applet {
    public static void main(String args[]) throws NullPointerException
    Synthesizer synth;
    synth = Central.createSynthesizer( new SynthesizerModeDesc(Locale.ENGLISH));
    synth.allocate () ;
    synth.resume () ;

    String readme = this.getParameter("readme");
    synth.speakPlainText ( readme, null ) ;

    synth.waitEngineState ( Synthesizer.QUEUE_EMPTY ) ;
    catch(Exception r)

    i tried running it on localhost and it does not produce an audio that is supposed to be the word passed from the php page.. PLS HELP :{

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