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    Default Vector empty item?

    Hi all,

    I'm new here and I'm new to Java.
    I'm working on a Java project for school. I want to use a Vector to store the positions of the cars, this works very good, until I need to remove a car..
    To save memory en keep it running smooth, I want to remove a car when it rides offscreen, so I build a check like this:
    Java Code:
    if(p.x > 200) {
    p is the Point I got from the vector (using a for-loop starting at int i = 0)
    But once the first car is removed, the applet stops working, no crash or something, the screen just isn't refreshed or something..
    to draw I use this:
    Java Code:
    int size = cars.size();
    for(int i = 0; i < size; i++) {
    	if(cars.get(i) != null) {
    		Point p = (Point)cars.get(i);
    		g.drawRect(p.x, p.y, 4, 2);
    I searched on google, and they say everywhere, that all items get shifted back when you remove an item from a Vector, so I guess it should work, also the != null check doesn't seem to work...

    I hope you understand my story and that someone can tell me where it goes wrong, if you need more information, just ask please :)

    Sorry for my English btw...

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    oke, a quick response from me :P

    I seem to have solved it already, but I don't think it's efficient the way I do it...
    instead of removing an item, I do this:
    Java Code:
    cars.set(i, null);
    can anyone tell me how efficient this is?

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