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    Default applet button

    can anyone plz tell me how can i make a button in java by using applet? i mean i want to create a button in java applet for adding 2 numbers by clicking that button and it will show the result.
    plz plz plz help me.

    thank you all


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    That is probably one of the simplest projects/homeworks in Java :) Did you try looking at a Java Applet tutorial? I think you should start reading and try to create your own code. Whenever you can not solve a problem while developing your code or sth is unclear to you, you can always ask us. But asking us to solve your problem fully is not good for anyone..

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    Yep, forum is a place where you can get help. First try it and then question. If you try at least to read a document ans still can't get pass it, people here always help you. But don't ask to do your home work pal.:p

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