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    Question Java applet size problem


    I have an applet like,

    public class Graph extends Applet

    public void init ( )
    setSize ( 800 , 600 ) ;



    When I include it in my html file by,
    <applet class="Graph.class" />
    only a small upper left corner of the applet shows up.

    <applet class="Graph.class" width=800 height=600 /> works fine.
    Is there any way to include it into html file without width and height parameters, so that it automatically adjusts the size..
    Why I have to mention width, height in html file even when i have set it in my applet by setSize funtion.?

    Please help me
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    i'm pretty sure the applet when it is placed into a HTML page is a bit like an image, which might have its own default size, but that to have it display properly it needs to have the size parameters in the HTML tag. It is possible the applet is not showing up properly without these HTML things because of the rest of the HTML on your page, ? Does it still do that when you just have only the <applet> tag ?

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