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    Default Updating Local Content

    Hi everyone,
    I am pretty new to Java... I've basically only used free applets on websites before, but now I need to write my own. I am not sure how exactly to start this little project coding-wise, so I figured I'd ask. At my company, we have an intranet site on which will have an "Update Files" button. When clicked, I want a Windows Popup to come up and search a specific folder on the user's computer for an assortment of files and then compare these to a corresponding folder on the server containing updated versions of files or brand new files. If new versions of files or new files are available, I want the popup to display them and prompt to download. When the user clicks download, I obviously need the program to overwrite all the older versions of files, as well as download the new ones into the specific folder. I was thinking that to check if a file is updated, it would check the date modified or date created. Any help is appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,
    - Jeff

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    You will have to make some security arrangements to do this with applets. You can find out more about this here. You could do this with an application that runs from an executable jar file which you double-click to start.

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