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    Default File Uploader Recommendation?

    I have a client whose site files are on a windows server running PHP. My client needs to have users internally be able to upload files anywhere from 2mb to 30mb - and have info about the files added to a mysql db.

    I built an uploader in a web form that works perfectly except when the files start to get above 10mb or so. The error, i believe, comes from the timeout settings in the php.ini file on the server. Although he raised the max file size restriction, the server admin won't increase the timeout restriction due to security concerns. So depending on the upload speed of the connection, the files fail at some point.

    So being new to Java, can anyone recommend an applet that integrates with a web form that can upload larger files and bypass these http restrictions?

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    the applet might still work on HTTP, and still have the same problems.

    what you would need is a cooperative effort on the applet and the server side to take the file and split it into several chunks, where each chunk transfers in its own http request (sequentially or perhaps a couple in parallel). Where each fragment is sufficiently small enough to not hit this timeout problem, even on slow connections.

    Where the client applet sends each chunk to the server specifying some messaging such as piece 4 out of 10. The server stores each piece into a temporary location.

    And when all fragments are finished sending, the applet notifies the server, which then re-assembles all the pieces and performs the storage operation.

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