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    Default applet class inside java.applet.* or java.awt.*


    i am new to programming in java,i had bit of confusion on the packages section of java.neways here's the thing:

    how can the applet class be a subclass/inherited from awt. panel,awt.container and awt.component ,when it actually declared in the the java.applet.* package.Is the entire awt package inside the applet package?.sorry for being sucha noob!

    i would be really gratefull towards you if you can brief me on the above topic.

    Kind Regards,

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    The applet and awt packages are separate, but you can inherit from classes in other packages. java.applet.Applet extends java.awt.Panel. From the source code:

    Java Code:
    package java.applet;
    import java.awt.*;
    //(Other imports and comments)
    public class Applet extends Panel {
    // (class stuff)
    Hope that helps.


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