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    Default Applet and stop() method

    Hi guys ,
    i need some help abbout jApplet and stop() method ,and GUI blocking.

    1: I wrote a code of some applet that communicate with a server : ( my applet connect to one server an receive messages and display for the user ) . The problem is : each time i switched to another the page , the applet donīt working more (no message are receive more) , i need to have my applet working without interruption only when i click to disconnect , the applet have to be quiet . I read somewhere , each Time you switched in another window , the stop() method are calling .

    2: when i send a command to my server by clicking on a Button, the GUI block.
    i have the same problem in the passt by running my applet in Netbeans , but i solved it using Thread . now the same problem occur when i run my applet into a Browser (IE , mozilla ...)

    any idea how to solve my problem ?

    Thanks for you reply and sorry for my poor english

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    cross-post: sun thread

    Please notify all of any cross-posts.

    For your second question, I believe that the answer is the same -- use a background thread such as a SwingWorker.

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    I guess you can simply fill applet stop method with server disconnection code

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