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    Default Under windows, java2d applet is working in eclipse but not in web browser

    I have 3 very similar applets that work fine in linux & mac os x (and until recently windows as well), but today I've noticed they stopped working under windows when opened in a web browser (latest ff & ie 8):

    Dynamite Fish'n

    Abstract Meta Game

    Lord of His Domain

    However, they still work in windows when i run them in eclipse (as well as on linux and mac os x either in eclipse or in the browser). This has been confirmed by several other people.

    No error is shown in the java console when the applet is playing in the browser, just a blank white box is displayed.

    The source code, jars and html files for all 3 applets can be had here.

    Any idea what might have caused this odd error? Could it have been the recent 1.6_21 update?
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    It now seems like it works fine on windows too, as long as the latest java isn't installed (i.e. anything below 1.6_21 works).

    The problem is, I have no idea why the new java can't run it in the browser or how to fix that...

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