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Thread: Butterfly game

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    Default Butterfly game

    Please help me. I'm new in Java Applet.

    How to create a game on which the user tries to click on a butterfly image that erratically around the applet screen. Use instance variables to keep track of the position of the butterfly. there should be certain probability that the butterfly will fly to a new location. Check whether the user clicked on the butterfly and count it as hits. Keep track of and display the number of times that the user hits the butterfly on the number of times that the user misses it. Hits to 50 times to over the game. I am use NetBean software.

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    So in essence what you've done is to give us your entire assignment without asking a question and without showing any work, and I'm afraid that in this situation there's not much that we can do for you other than to direct you to a tutorial or two.

    I'm going to lock this thread and suggest that in a new thread you post your best solution that you've created so far, and ask as specific questions as possible, and we'll be much better able to help. If you really have no idea how to begin here, then please have a look here: Starting Writing a Program. It's a well-written article that can help.

    Much luck

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