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    Default Help with larger image

    I am working on an applet which will apply various transforms to jpgs. I have followed the Tutorial at Processing Image Pixels using Java, Getting Started which is great, and I have a working sample. However, the images I need to work on are 1.5Mb jpg files. When I try to use my working code on one of them, I get an out of memory error. I then saved my jpg as a bitmap, and realised that it expands to about 40Mb, which explains the problem. That is a fair amount of memory for an applet
    Now, I understand that I could get my users to increase the amount of memory on the virtual machine, but they aren't clever enough to do that.

    I was hoping that there would be some way of taking a smaller chunks of the pixels each time, doing my transform, and putting that data into an image piece at a time so that the whole file is never uncompressed at the same time. Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so how?


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    A quick solution would be to create a dot bat file, which would start the program and increase the memory of the virtual machine, so that the user can just click it, it will work like a short cut.

    You can break the image up into bytes, take maybe 100 bytes at a time re-build the image each time and then performing your operation.

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