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    Question Changing an Applet to a JPanel

    Hi.. i made an applet but i want to put it into a JPanel container.

    any1 can help me? wer do i start?? sorry,im noob with java..

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    Why? What are you going to do with the JPanel?
    See the API doc for JPanel to see how to "add" components to it.

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    JApplets have contentPanes which I believe are usually JPanels (though they could be set to be any object derived from Container). So one way to derive a JPanel from a JApplet is to call getContentPane() on the JApplet object. Having said this, I'm not recommending that you do this, but rather you probably should re-write the app to create a JPanel from the beginning. Then if you want to place this JPanel in a JApplet or JFrame (or JDialog), you do so easily by calling getContentPane().add(myJPanel).

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