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    Default Send login credentials to applet in html

    Hello, Is it possible to send the login credentials in the html code as Param such as this.

    <applet archive="" />
    <param name="url" value="http://xxx.xx.xx.x/" />
    <param name="cabbase" value="" />
    <param name="show_logo" value="yes" />
    <param name="bg_color" value="#FFFFFF" />
    <param name="user_name" value="username" />
    <param name="password" value="mypassword" />

    The applet prompts the user for a username and password i need to by pass the prompt.

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    Yes the data for the applet could be sent via <param
    The applet would have to be coded to check for the <param and use its value vs using a prompt to get the value.

    Not very secure.

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    But params are not the way for textfield input

    you can simply use JavaScript to connect to your applet

    I recomment reading this Java and JS

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