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    Default How to start

    Hi, Can someone give me a brief outline in the steps of making a
    Java Applet.


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    1. import the package javax.swing.* and java.awt.*
    2. extends the JApplet class or Applet class in the class u want to make Applet
    3. override the
    - public void init(), this acts like the public static void main(String[] args)
    - public void start(), optional, read tutorials bout multithreading for details
    - public void paint(Graphics g), this manages the drawing of ur applet
    4. create a html file consisting a tag applet, at the very least like this
    Java Code:
    <applet code="something.class" width=300 height=300>
    5. compile ur .java source code and use a browser to run the applet, or u can also use the appletviewer command from the command prompt
    And thats the brief outline of making an applet :D
    For further details u can just look at the sun tutorial or look in the Java Applets thread in this forum, lotsa examples there

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