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    Default Java Applets

    Hi everyone
    : I have created a Java Applet Program, which connect to an Oracle
    : database, it can run without any probem, but the problem arises when
    : i want to run an HTML (IE)file, the applet gets downloaded to the
    : page but it does not connect to the database, Can some one please
    : help me as i want to put it on a server so that everyone can use it.
    Don't directly connect to a database from the client. That is a security disaster in waiting, especially, but not only, if the DB has admin privileges. Instead write a small server or app in a web server to take requests from the client, then that server filters the request, connects to the database and returns the specified data.

    The database probably only accepts connections from loopback, which for simple web server setups is the way to go.

    Unless the applet is signed, it can only make a network connection back to the same IP address.

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