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    Default Button and ActionListner problems


    I'm doing an assignment for college ( Yes I know you don't do home work lol) and having problems with buttons. Its a facebook style application. I have 3 buttons connected with 3 text fields and they output a result in the console. One button that I've called status, the user rights a comment and it will say " Your status: hello" Now I've managed to make that work, its when there's nothing in the filed and the user clicks on the button the "Your status:" will still open up and I don't want this happen.

    I will post some code if needed.


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    Default Re: Button and ActionListner problems

    can u send the code for more clarity of the problem...?

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    Default Re: Button and ActionListner problems

    Four years on?

    Locking this one.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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