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    Default ERROR DEPLOYING WEB needed urgent

    hey ppl!!

    m new to java web applet.....

    so herez the problem!!!

    html holds applet tag which holds value=<filname.class>

    to secure class file class file is binded in .jar file format!!!

    again .jar file could be reverse engineered and further .class file could be reverse engineered to java file in those cases comes the conept of using JNLP file which is a form of XML file!!!

    so now according to my project's requirement i need to embed .jnlp file in the value feild of applet which can be done by using web start feature in net beans ide but as i compile and built the whole project!!

    netbeans built the all respective resources for the applet as per my defined confugration but when i try to preview the default html created a black screen is displayed on the web page i have checked even the settings of the web browser applets avilable on the net are functioning properly but the applet which m creating on netbens cannot be deployed can any one help me out with it??

    i have gone through several video tutorials on youtube too....!!!

    now if still any one could help me out with the problem tat will be a great favour!!!
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    few days ago i participated in Thread about similar issue here:

    So go on, use examples and links from that link
    and maybe you could ask memeber Psyclone
    to provide you some help if he had solve similar problem


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