I have an EPSON LX1050 printer setup via parallel port in linux machine .Recently we purchased RTextPrinter driver from your end (Text mode printing for the Java platform)

i can print java app via Linux Local system, windows local system and windows to windows

.But Network printing isn't working

The following the java class path of local and network printer setup

Local printing code : it's working

FilePort filePort = new FilePort("/dev/lp0");
TextPrinter printer=PrinterFactory.getPrinter("EPSON-ESCP");

Note: /dev/lp0 Linux local printer

Remote Pronting code: not working

FilePort filePort = new FilePort("\\\b2b");
TextPrinter printer=PrinterFactory.getPrinter("EPSON-ESCP");

Note: b2b is the name of share printer

Output error message is

Errcom.java4less.textprinter.exceptions.CouldNotOp enPrinterException: \ (No such file or directory)

please help