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    Default need a script to display a EX vat price and price including VAT


    ive been surfing now for 2 days to find an answer to my problem

    I hope you guys can help me or point me in the right direction

    currently i have a website that displays a price for an item to buy
    it aint database driven its good old fashioned htm pages

    what i want to do is simple

    currently i dispay prices inc vat ie. Price: 7.99

    i want to display Price: 6.80 (7.99 inc VAT)

    now i could do this manually no problem, but if the VAT rate changes
    (currently 15%, but due to change to 17.5% after christmas) i want to be able to edit one script file that handles the calculation and display of the inc vat price without having to edit all 2,600 pages again

    so i basically want a java script where i enter 6.80 and it calculates and display as: Price 6.80 (7.99 inc VAT & 17.5%)

    i dont want to move to a new php site as we do really well on google rankings with current urls

    any help will be highly appreciated

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    Are you looking for a JavaScript solution to this? If so, you will need to look elsewhere as this is a Java forum. JavaScript and Java are two completely different languages. Google can help you find your forum.

    Much luck.

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