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    Default VM options + applet

    How do I use java VM options along with an applet?

    (i.e. I want to use -Xmx500m)

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    this sounds like the Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP).

    See also the 2 links below:

    Next Generation in Applet Java Plug-in Technology

    JNLP File Syntax

    its that kind of XML looking tag, where you use <applet-desc> instead of applet tag.

    but you might be able to get by with the java_arguments parameter in the applet tag.
    Java Code:
    <APPLET archive="my_applet.jar" code="MyApplet" width="300" height="300">      
    <PARAM name="java_arguments" value="-Xmx128m">  
    Though the support for this might depend on the Java VM version and the browser, and the version of that browser.
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