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    Default Extract images from Java applet

    My question is not exactly for Java development but I cannot find elsewhere an answer:

    I there a software utility that I could use to extract the images (possibly gif or png) from a web page using Java (from their Java applet)? I guess I should first take the file from browser's cache or Windows' temp or something...

    My purpose is NOT to "steal" their images, I just want them as a reference (for artistic purposes). I already have Visual studio 2005 but I'd prefer NOT to install the Java development part (since I'm only interested in C++). I also could grab them as screenshots but they are too many and it's time consuming.

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    sometimes you can acces a websites index where all files are.
    sometimes it requires a password too.
    Maybe they've uploaded it there/

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    Default Solution found!

    coltragon, thanx but that didn't work...

    ...but I found one solution (although I didn't actually "extract" the images)!
    In case anyone is interested:

    [In windows XP] ------------------------
    The images from the Java applet were "hiding' without extension on the following folder, inside other various folders:

    C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\

    (where [User] should be replaced with your name)

    1. This location might be obvious for Java developers, but I located it by using the search in XP, searching for the most late files modified (in fact created) after I used the site's applet.
    I used the original search in Windows "the search companion" NOT the "later search V4" which is totally useless with its pathetic "indexing" and its zero usability etc (and I have uninstalled it)

    2. Then, I deleted all the contents of that folder (with the browser closed), I started Firefox and browsed many pictures (not for too long, to avoid automatic deletion, so I did this in parts). While I was browsing, the images were added inside that folder.

    3. So after a while, I used search again, this time limited on that folder (so it was fast) setting it to find all files "less than" a guessed max size. After this step I had in one search window all the browsed images collected from their various folders.

    4. I sorted them for size (because their size was similar, to filter out some other files), I selected them and copied to a safe folder.

    5. Then I used the excellent "LupasRename" utility (free, a life-saver!) to massive add a *.gif" extension (with just two clicks). Sorted them for date (actually to sort them in the sequence I was browsing them), enabled "Thumbnails view" and copied them in groups to other meaningful folders of my choice. And that was all! :)

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