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    Default Need some help with kode, Cinema


    Im stuck at this point, so i hope there is anyone that can help me with my problem. The kode you find

    The problem is that i want the buttons in Forestilling1 and 2 to get disabled when they get pushed, and when they are disabled they are supposed to change the image to a new one.

    Second problem is that i want the actionCommand "..." to get somekind of textbox that i can type what name is gonna reserve that seat.
    As you se im new to java so ill take any help there is.

    My english is not perfect so please correct me or post if there is any doubt of what i mean.

    Thanks to the people that have time to answer.

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    You might like to post a question that has a better chance of being answered, and you can get some good guidelines here:
    How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


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    1) Instead of disabling the button, how about showing a new JDialog rather than a new JFrame.
    2) The main class should be a JFrame (Swing), not a Frame (AWT).
    3) To answer other questions that may require more inspection of your code, you should create a smallest compilable program that demonstrates your problem and post it here with code tags. Delete all code not related to your problem for this example. This is a Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example or SSCCE for short. Please see the link for details.

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