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    Unhappy Applet throws exception while recording

    Hi to all :),
    Hope everyone will be fine.i have a recorder applet but when i try to record sound it will give message that denied(javax.sound.sampled.Audio Permission record)

    when searching i found this is a certificate issue you need to sign your jar so i follow tutorial which i attached as a file so you better understand what i did but after following all the steps i again got the exception.
    when you see the file it says make policy file with the code written in it, i want to ask where i put this policy file in the same folder where my source file and class file are present or somewhere else or how i make policy file simply create a file copy the code in it and name it with policy extension or by using some tool.

    one more confusion actually we have a server in which email client is installed and we embedded this player in to email client so you can record your message and leave voice mail. It works fine because it contain signed jar and certificate.Now i modify the applet on my windows system and in the start i don't know that you should sign your applet before using it on the web.So i replace the folder which contain applet certificate with the my modified applet after taking backup of the working folder and it throws above mentioned exception and it will because my applet jar was not signed.
    The problem is when i again replace it with the old working files it didn't work and it continue to call my modified applet even it is not in the folder.
    i copied file from windows to linux using winscp
    Please help me how can i make my recorder working again.Thanks in advance
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    Hi :)
    Hope you all are fine.The second part is solved actually its a cache problem, java store files in a special directory for quick access so i delete files from java cache and now the old applet is in workable condition :) but please reply for first part, what is the problem actually i think its a policy file issue, the placement of policy file in a right folder, i try myself also and if i solve it i let you inform that how i did it

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