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    Default Jslider changeListner

    Hi to all :),
    Hope you all will be fine.I want to ask about Jslider Listner.I have a recorder applet and i added JSlider to it but now for sure i supposed to write cangeListner for it so it work properly.Can any one tell me how can i write listner. I want that when i record a sound(record time limit 3 minutes)the slider moves accordingly means in synchronization with the time and as Slider moves the space is left behind is filled with some color and when you press stop button the slider stops, and then when you want to listen your recorded voice , you click on play button and the slider moves with the recorded sound.Please help :(

    Thanks in advance

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    Really the only thing i can answer here is the change listener:

    Java Code:
    public class Demo extends JFrame implements ChangeListener
    public Demo()
    public void stateChanged(ChangeEvent e)
    [INDENT]Object source = e.getSource();
    if(source == slide)
    [INDENT]//do whatever[/INDENT]

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