Hi skilled,

At our project we use an Applet that resides in the iFrame. On the main page the iFrame is used to show an Applet.
There is a table with two cells, there is DIV in every cell with IDs “div1” and “div2” accordingly. The iFrame is in the "div1".

When we move an iFrame from “div1” to “div2” using the JavaScript code below:


where ‘myframe’ is the iFrame ID, the Applet destroys and new one is being created. This leads to the loss of data that was stored in the applet before.

We need to avoid such a behavior of the Applet somehow or find a workaround to this problem.

This problem reproduces on SUN JVM and 1.6.0.x.

Please share your ideas/suggestions with me – you will help us a lot.