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    Question problem with applets?

    Hi all

    I have written a problem of moving Ball in a Rectangle.When I am executing it I have a problem like " main function is missing".In Applets we dont require main right.Can anyone help me in this regard.

    Srikanth Nambu

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    When I said
    Note: This would probably be better in the applet forum
    I did not mean for you to cross-post in the java applets forum.

    I already answered your question at your first post .

    You just need to check out the tutorial for deploying java applets

    If you need more help please let us know how you want to run your applet (ie through web-browser) and what you have come up with so far.

    Please do not cross-post on any more forums.

    Mr. Beans

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    Sorry I've to close this thread. OP, please stick with a one thread. If you want to move your thread into another place please ask from one of our moderators.

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