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    Default Applet with (label client side)?

    I'm wondering is this possible:

    For example: where is label in my applet called "label1".
    And to add applet into website we are using something like this:

    Java Code:
    <applet code="some applet" width="200" height="50">
    Is where any way to display my label message with text given from client. For example:

    Java Code:
    <applet code="some applet" label1="??? text ???" width="200" height="50">
    If where is any way of doing this please explain to me a little or give some link that might help. Thanks

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    Just small suggestion.Is it ok to use like this for ur requirement?

    code="some applet"



    <PARAM NAME=label1 VALUE="some user entered text">

    Then in code u retreive like this

    String labelText = getParameter(label1);

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