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    Default How can my applet read from a separate .jar?

    I have an applet that displays images. I can only upload one file at a time, so I'd like to upload all the images I need in a single file (.zip or .jar). Is there a way for my applet to search the directories that it has access to, find the image that it is supposed to display and display it?

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    Question please someone help me out!!!

    I have an assigment to submit on sunday 29th of this month and I dont know how to do it cause I am new to java programming. Please someone me out with the java codes...:confused::confused::confused:
    this is my proposed proposal for the assignment.
    Application System: Airline Reservation System
    Subsystem Selected: Ticketing System

    This is to propose on the development of a ticketing subsystem of an Airline ticketing system. The application subsystem chosen is the airline reservation system, the subsystem will include of some functionalities which are;
    Ticket reservation,
    Manage a Booking,
    Flight Schedule and
    Baggage allowance calculator.
    Ticket reservation is all about the customer(s) booking ticket(s) for flights. This will be done by following the necessary procedures for creating a system. The various aspects that will be touched during this development are the system selection stage, requirement specification, analysis models, design specifications and modeling, design pattern implementation, user interface design, the generation of code, and testing phase.

    Ticket reservation: here the customer when booking a ticket for flight, there are information provided such as the price for particular flight booked.
    Manage a Booking: here customers are given opportunity to cancel or extend their bookings.
    Flight schedules: this allows the customer to check flight schedules and its availability before making booking.
    Baggage allowance calculator: allows the customer to the maximum weight of luggage allowed to be boarded on plane and it defers with distance.

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