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    Default Embedding Applet into HTML?

    Hi guys, I made an earlier thread on trying to make my java into an application, but I've decided to go simpler first. I want to embedd my applet into a window.

    Heres the deal. I have a java-game. It operates similar to donkey kong, but its called bowser kong ( goombas instead of barrels, bowser instead of donkey kong, luigi instead of mario, caged mario instead of peach). I made the code from scratch all by myself. The program operates in 4 classes, with one master test class. There are over 30 images I use in the applet. Heres my problem. How the hell do I put it into HTML?

    In the sample codes I saw you loaded your images straight into the HTML document, but my images are already being called within my class.... The class files I saw in examples are un-editable so I can't look to see how they did it... How do I embedd this into HTML? Any tutorials, guidance help, or ANYTHING would be awesome.

    Thanks in Advance!!!

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    First, make sure you're loading all your resources using classloaders and not File APIs.
    Then package everything in a .jar file.
    This can be put into a webpage using the <applet> tag.

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