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    Unhappy Help!

    :(:(:(hey guys im sorry but can you help me in my project!!!?

    my prof gave me a problem in java applet and i really don't know what code i'm gonna use..

    hirs the prob. i nid to make an applet of an animated boy but its have a ckeckbox button.. the first thing is i need to drawCircle in the side of my applet and then evertime that i will click the checkbox button Ex. []EYES (a checkbox button for the eye) if i checked dis box the eyes of the boy will appear. and then []NOSE(checkbox button for the nose) it will appear the nose of the "BOY"
    and so on for the other part of the boy including his BODY,HANDS, and FEET..i need 8 checkbox for the ff. EYES,MOUTH,NOSE,BODY,L.HAND,R.HAND,L.FOOT,R.FOOT and it will appear vertically in the right side of my applet..that all,,plsss guyss help me..sorry for my ENGLISH(wrong Grammar!):D try to understnd... . . .:( thanks i reaaaallly need your help im gonna past it in this coming feb.12,2009

    import java.awt.*;
    import java.applet.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;

    public class oop extends Applet
    static final int chkUseID = 1;
    Checkbox chk1;
    Checkbox chk2;
    Checkbox chk3;
    Checkbox chk4;
    Checkbox chk5;
    Checkbox chk6;
    Checkbox chk7;
    Checkbox chk8;

    public void init()

    chk1= new Checkbox("EYES");
    chk2= new Checkbox("NOSE");
    chk3= new Checkbox("MOUTH");
    chk4= new Checkbox("BODY");
    chk5= new Checkbox("LEFT HAND");
    chk6= new Checkbox("RIGHT HAND");
    chk7= new Checkbox("LEFT FOOT");
    chk8= new Checkbox("RIGHT FOOT");
    } here's my work butt actually i can't finish it aues i rilly dont know what the next thing i will do
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