Today, I want to share my using experience of displayTag with you. It is an open source package, which is mainly used to display data.
The functions of displayTag are abundant, such as data display, combination with css, extraction and display of data subset, automatic generation of hyperlink and sequence number, page break, grouping, group summary, data export, subreport, multi-report display, report head and bottom, dynamic column, data prewarning, condition summary, etc.

In use process, I find some shortnesses of displayTag:

1. The reports generated by displayTag usually involve some regular rules, and it can not make reports with merging cells, multi-layer report head, or left report head.

2. It is impossible to make complex reports, for example, multi-source subdivision report.

3. Although it has a great combination with css in display, it can not apply the style of css to exported Excel/Word/PDF files. As a result, if you want to export light Excel/Word/PDF files, you have to write three specialized display classes for each kind.

4. For page break, its memory footprint is large, while the performance is poor. That is because it fetches all the records at a time, and then displays them in pages. Moreover, the style of background data storage is one record one object.

5. For displayTag does not involve print function, You have to use the print function of web page. If you need an accurate print, you have to develop the function all by yourself, and you can not use displayTag then.

6. As displayTag can not freeze report head, when there are a great number of records, you can not fix the report head and browse with the scroll bar.

7. For summary, displayTag is unable to do operations cross row groups, and it can only realize easy group summary, global summary, and a part of condition summary.

To sum up, the functions which displayTag has realized are exquisite, and as a display package, it is simple to use. However, it is not applicable to make practical reports with complex styles and various requirements.