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    Red face Java Robot commands not working


    can someone help me, please?
    the java robot and mousePress commands do not work.
    Could someone show me one single java applet source code which WORKS?

    My java complier javac successfully compiles the source codes and the applets start successfully in my browser, but it still does not work because the java is not clicking anywhere on the screen and it is not moving the mouse.
    the robot.mouseMove(200,2) and robot.mousePress commands do not work yet?
    What is wrong?
    I have Windows XP.
    mouseMove(200,2) is not working either. and mousePress command (without the robot.) is not working either.

    Please help.
    Please please please.
    here are the not working source codes:
    The URLs are:

    does it need the init() command somewhere? if yes, where and how?

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    Robot sounds like the kind of thing I wouldn't expect the security manager to let you use from a non-signed applet. Does your code work in a standalone application?

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    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.InputEvent;

    import java.util.*;
    class BluetoothMouseController{
    public static void main(String[] args){
    int x=0;
    int y=0;
    Point CurrentPosition=CurrentMouseCursor();


    Robot rob=new Robot();
    catch(AWTException e){
    System.err.println("Caught AWTException: "+ e.getMessage());

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