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  • Me taking out the $ in the applet$1.class file name

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    Question Why is one applet loading but the other isnít?


    Iím a student making a webpage. On that webpage are supposed to be two applets I made. You can view the web page here, sorry I have to break up the address but im now allowed to post LINKS (WTF!?!?!).

    World Wide Web . Geocities . Com / spmchugh82 / index . htm

    The applet on the love page works but the applet on the philosophy page doesnít. I have tried the following to get the applet on the philosophy page to work:

    Put all of the applets classes in the same directory as the html file.
    Put all of the applets in ../applets/CatgoricalSyllogism/ using<applet Codebase=ďapplets/CategoricalSyllogismĒ code=ďSyllogismAppletĒ ÖÖ> (including as many combinations of ď amd / as I could think of)

    One possible source of the problem might be the $ sign that are being attached to my event handler classes. Geocities Doesnít allow files with $ in the name so I did a rename and just took out the $. This worked on my local machineÖ and I think I did this same thing for the applet on the love page, itís just been so long that I canít remember. Anyway, it works on my local machine that way (without the $ís).

    Another thing to point out is on my local machine I could store my love applet in a subdirectory and call it with Codebase. But the philosophy applet would only work if it was in the same directory as the html file that called it. But before that, I was able to call it from a subdirectory using Codebase and I canít think of anything at all that I changed. Itís like it just randomly works.

    Iím wondering if make the event handler not be inner classes if that would work. But then, how would the event handler manipulate objects in the applet?

    Iíve spent hours on this! Can you PLEASE help me? If you want I can email you the code for either any of the files. I would post them here but don't have 20 whatevers yet.

    Thanks in advance

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