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    Default Problems with downloading Files from Applet

    Hello! After some initial searching on how to do this, I'm a bit stuck on how to get a file from a web applet to a user. My project at the moment takes an XML file, allows users to edit certain areas of it based on rules in another file, and then saves a new, edited version of the original file to the local directory.

    Shortly, this applet will be hosted on a webserver, and the goal is to give users access to this newly-created file that is currently being stored locally. File management isn't an area I'm particularly experienced in, and I'd love to get some input on how to go about this.

    The two things that I'm specifically not sure about are:
    What specific functions/constructs should I look towards for getting my file to the user's local computer.
    Whether I will need to create the file first and store it locally, then allow download access, or if there is some way to just write it out to the user after they have decided to download.


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    I believe that since applets are client side you can't initiate a download from a web server unless you do two things

    • Use a security certificate for the applet so that you can access the users computers
    • Push the file onto the users computer.


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