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    Default Problem with jre-6u10-windows-i586-p-s.exe install - HELP

    I'm new to this forum and really ignorant to the technical aspects of JAVA.

    I have an application that requires installation of the above file. After "offline installation,", the application gave me an error when launching. I had to download and install offline because some unknown setting on my computer kept giving me an error when I tried to to the online installation. Regardless, it shows to be installed (present in Add/Remove Programs) and I received no errors during the installation. However, the following is the error report:

    Can someone shed some light on what the problem is?

    "The application failed to run"

    The forum will not allow me to post the extended error message because I don't have more than 20 posts.

    If someone thinks they could help me, I'd be glad to email the Java Console error report.


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    this is a forum for java developers not for all users of java. you may get help on this here, but if you do, it's just due to blind luck. You should contact the vendors or distributors of this application.

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