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    Question [SOLVED] why is the image being redrawn??

    I use the code below to draw an image to a JPanel in a JApplet viewer, the image is display in the right location with the right width and height.
    The problem is, when I resize the window with the mouse, the image is "redrawn" with the it's original width and height (not the size I wanted) and with the default location (center I guess).

    Java Code:
        public void displayImage(String url, JPanel panel, int w, int h){
            Graphics g = panel.getGraphics(); //importante
            Graphics2D g2D = (Graphics2D) g;
            Image img = getImage(getDocumentBase(),url);
            ImageIcon icon = new ImageIcon(img);
            JLabel label = new JLabel(icon,JLabel.CENTER);
        protected void paintComponent(Graphics g, Image i, int w, int h) {
            // Center image in this component. (minus 300 for this case)
            System.out.println("Drawing image...");
            int x = (getWidth() - i.getWidth(null))/2;
            int y = (getHeight() - i.getHeight(null))/2;
            g.drawImage(i, x-300, y, w, h, this);
    Any hints on why the image is set to the default style???
    What can I do in an Applet viewer to prevent this??


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    There are two way to show an image:
    1 — set it in a JLabel via ImageIcon and add the JLabel to the component hierarchy of your top–level container
    2 — draw it in painting method; most easily in the paintComponent method of a JPanel.
    You seem to be trying to do both.
    If you want to move an image around the second method is usually the way to go. You can resize images easily with either approach.

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