Hi J2SE All,

Please help me I have to prepare doc on J2SE?
Why to use J2SE and option for this other's like J2ME,J2EE.
Why to choose J2SE?

I prepared like this below reg J2SE.

Why to use/opt for this:-

J2se applications running on different operating systems and hardware, and helps to illustrate that the performance improvements are broadly applicable to many systems and applications and using J2SE applications Utilize machines with larger numbers of CPUs, Run applications requiring low pause times and Perform on many new hardware and software platforms. In J2SE class data sharing is supported only with the Java HotSpot Client VM, and only with the serial garbage collector.

Some good features in J2SE:-AggressiveHeap - Server Performance Option,Light Weight Performance Monitoring,Client-side Performance Improvements Start-up Performance,JVM Runtime Optimizations,Garbage Collection Improvements.

Please need some good suggestions on J2SE.
ASAP reply plz.