Hi all

Thought I would introduce the web start here...

Java™ Web Start provides the power to launch full-featured Java applications with a single click. Users can
download and launch applications, such as a complete spreadsheet program or an Internet chat client, without
going through complicated installation procedures. Once accessed through Java Web Start, the application
integrates seamlessly with the user's desktop; from the user's point of view, it functions just as a native
application. Additionally, Java Web Start serves users by managing Java™ Runtime Environment versions and
automatically updating the application version.
Java Web Start helps developers deploy their applications as well. The design and development of applications
for Java Web Start is substantially the same as it is for any other Java applications, and migrating a legacy
application to Java Web Start is, in most cases, trivial. Deploying the application so users can access it from
a web page involves just a few simple steps on the Web server.