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Thread: Applets and dll

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    Default Applets and dll

    Hi all
    This is my issues.
    I have a C program to calculate the heart beat rate of a patient(PC is connected to a device with the USB port). My aim is to plot it in a web page I'm planning to use the Applets for it.
    Everthing worked fine ,the applet was working fine as standalone application from the netbeans but once deployed in the browser it is showing some errors Like "has no access" it is true that we are violating the security constraints if a browser can use our libraries .
    what s the solution ?

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    Default Use WebStart

    hi peiceonly
    you can use it ,
    Java Code:
    Download the dll to user.home or user.dir and then load it from there.
    private static boolean DllLoaded = false;
    public MyClass() {
    if (!DllLoaded) {
    String dll = DLL_DIR + System.getProperty("file.separator") + DLL_NAME;
    System.out.println("Installing " + dll);
    System.out.println("Library installed.");
    DllLoaded = true;
    public static final String DLL_DIR = System.getProperty("user.home");
    I would suggest you to use web start instead


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