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    Default Java "Walk the line" game help?

    Hello all,
    First of all sorry if this is off topic.
    I am trying to do an assignment for my Java class, but I don't know how to make the following game :

    I have to make a game where the player plays against an AI. The point of the game is reaching the sides of the panel first. You do this by clicking the "UP/DOWN/RIGHT/LEFT". The game starts at the exact middle of the panel and the line moves 20 pixels every turn.

    Thanks in advance. If you have any questions I'll reply as fast as possible.

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    Default Re: Java "Walk the line" game help?

    We won't do your homework for you, but if you post whatever you've tried and ask specific questions about specific problems with that code, we'll b more than happy to help you learn enough to do it yourself.

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