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    Lightbulb Plotting graphs library?

    Hi friends!

    I've been programming Java for 4 years, but now in school a teacher asked us to develop a graph plotter software in 2D only X and Y, this software has to have movement, since I've never have developed something like that I would like to know if you guys know any library, like maybe OpenGL or something in order to do this?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Plotting graphs library?

    Hmm a 2D plotter CAN be done with OpenGL (possibly through rendering to a texture), but perhaps your first version you will want to develop with basic Swing, doing custom painting in a JPanel so you don't have to dive into the basics of 3D graphics programming. That will probably also be a lot easier to understand for your teacher!

    Swing, custom painting, JPanel, BufferedImage, Graphics2D; those would be the terms and classes to investigate in my opinion.
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