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    Question An object that represents a map of lines?

    Hi guys! I have a sort of complicated question, having to do with graphics.

    I'm developing an application in which the user imports image files and designs a basic side-scrolling game-like environment out of them. my idea is to have them be able to import the images, resize/arrange them as needed, and then draw the boundary lines on top of the image. so i need to create the BoundaryMap class that represents the map of boundary lines which corresponds to the map of images. my questions are:

    - does anyone know where i can find a good tutorial on using mouse input to create line objects? ideally it would involve either a series of clicks to do one straight line at a time, as well as the user being able to click and drag to render a curve. also, i hope to include an erase function as well.

    - i need general advice on how to set it up for efficient collision-detection, as well as generally how to set up the collision detection with this kind of data. Anyone know a good tutorial for this?

    - my plan is to consolidate all of the drawn boundary lines into one object, which serves as an instance variable in a class for objects which represent individual zones. I'm assuming all i have to do is use an ObjectOutputStream in the editor class to store the data from their mouse input as a BoundaryMap object, then use an ObjectInputStream to load that object when a user enters the zone, as well as when a user re-opens it in the editor. Is there anything i need to take into consideration when doing this?

    thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: An object that represents a map of lines?

    Moved from Advanced Java. Not an advanced topic anyways.

    You didn't return to the first thread you started, not even to thank SerbianSergeant for the links. Are we going to see better behavior this time round?

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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    Default Re: An object that represents a map of lines?

    whoops, sorry. thanks for moving this into the correct thread.

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