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    Default JPanel paintComponent, OS differences

    I've been making a simple tileGame (on windows vista), which paints 2400 pictured tiles on-screen at any given time (using bufferstrategy as is default with swing component). This all runs just dandy on my windows computer, from within eclipse, and when I export it as a runnable JAR.

    My brother uses a mac computer to code java, also using eclipse. When I send him the exact same code and he runs it, it seems to lag with some unpainted white strips whenever the player moves (the background moves, not the player). Why is this???

    I thought that maybe on mac bufferstrategy does not work, as this is how it used to run (on windows) before implementing swing and bufferstrategy (some tiles are being painted before others?, creating the thin unpainted strips?).

    Thanks for the help anyways!

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    Default Re: JPanel paintComponent, OS differences

    Hard to say ... set the background color of the component that you are painting to another color ... if the stripes then change colors you have failed in the paintcomponent method. Also what do you mean by 2400 tiles on the screen ? Do you paint all of them? Then you will have memory problems.

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    Default Re: JPanel paintComponent, OS differences

    Swing is double buffered by default. There is no need to implement your own buffer strategy.

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