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    Angry In Game Minimap! GL11 Help!

    Ok, So I'm making this minimap for this game, It loads all the players on the map, just i want it so as your ingame Yaw increases/decreases it "Spins" I have the center coords of were it should rotate around, But I dont know how I can do any of it!

    Heres what I got so far

    Java Code:
                    	    GL11.glPushMatrix(); //start gl11
                    	    //GL11.glTranslatef(GuiScreen.width - 100, GuiScreen.height - 100, 0.0F); //translation makes other players dissappear? 
                    	    GL11.glRotatef(mc.thePlayer.rotationYaw, centX, centZ, 1.0f ); // rotates it weirdly?
                            drawRect(xcoord, ycoord, xcoord+2, ycoord+2, 0x99ff0000);
                            GL11.glPopMatrix(); // stop gl11
                            drawRect(centX + 1 , centZ + 1, centX - 1, centZ - 1, 0x9900ff00); // own player (at center)
    Also, the map should be 2d! not 3d (Like the game)
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