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    Wink Collision Detection


    im using netBeans as a program.
    I am searching for a simple script for a collision detection when my player (p) hits an object (ob1), it gonna show that player hits object. Something like system.out.println ();

    Anyone know what to do?

    Greetings// Äppelpaj

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    Default Re: Collision Detection

    It depends on the shape of the objects. Most object shapes can be approximated fairly well by rectangles, so I'll just assume for now that both objects are rectangles.

    For collision detection of rectangles, I personally find it's convenient to store the rectangle data in the following way:
    x, y = the coordinates of the CENTER of the rectangle (as opposed to the upper-left corner, which is traditional).
    w, h = HALF of the dimensions of the rectangle (in other words, w = distance from center to left or center to right, h = distance from center to top or center to bottom)

    Using this way of storing the data makes collision detection extremely easy:
    Java Code:
    if(Math.abs(p.x-ob.x)<p.w+ob.w && Math.abs(p.y-ob.y)<p.h+ob.h){
        //no collision
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