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    Default MouseMotionListener 'scrolling'

    I want to be able to navigate my way across a JPanel by using the mouse movement alone.

    If for instance my desktop resolution (or JFrame/JPanel size) is 1280x1024 and my JPanel is 3000x3000, then when my mouse gets to the edge of the JFrame/JPanel, it should move/scroll towards the direction the mouse is going to.

    If I set my mouse to the right edge of the screen, the view should shift to the right till I move my mouse back again.
    Its like scrolling over a gamefield using the mouse to navigate.

    Any ideas on how this could be done?

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    You could init a BufferedImage with the size 3000*3000 and just draw on the JPanel just the Subimage of 1280x1024 by jusing BufferedImage.getSubimage().To move this rect you have to init a extend a mouseMotion listener to the JPanel and test if the mouse comes to the borders and then you have to get another subimage and draw it into the panel.I don't know if this is fast enought you have to test it...

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    use MouseMotionListener
    your JFrame/JPanel add to the listener
    implements mouseMoved(MouseEvent e)
    can get the x, y pos of the mouse,
    check is edge, move the view of JFrame/JPanel

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    Isn't the original post a bit long in the tooth, having been posted in 2007?

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