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    Default Zooming and scaling problem

    I'm trying to scale an Area object according to the zoom level of the mouse but the result i get is bad. Here it is.

    Here's the code too... I think I'm applying bad transformations to my AffineTransform, but I don't know why... I translate to the center of the area, scale the object and then translate back to first place.
    Java Code:
    if (isScaling()) {
        double cx = label.getLabelArea().getBounds2D().getCenterX(); //the x center of the text
        double cy = label.getLabelArea().getBounds2D().getCenterY(); //the y center of the text
        double viewportScale = viewport.getScale(); //the zoom level of the view rectangle
        double scale = 1; //maintain aspect
        scale *= viewportScale;
        transform.translate(cx, cy);
        transform.scale(scale, scale);
        transform.translate(-cx, -cy);
    g.setColor((Color) f.getAttribute("COLOR"));
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