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    Default Need help in generating a 2D Graph

    Respected People,
    I need urgent help in below activity for my university project. Below is the requirement:
    --> User Selects date range and clicks submit.
    --> According the range a query gets executed which results in two column data like below
    1AM 50
    2AM 65
    3AM 40

    --> A 2D graph needs to be generated with X axis marking time and Y axis the number of users.
    --> If the date range is more than a day, then the 2D graph should have the respective dates marked below the TIME in X-Axis.

    Please help me with this. I m new to java and I need to finish it soon. Thanks for good hearts in advance.

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    We'll help you get your code working.
    Post your code with your questions.

    If you're still trying to design the code, post your design and questions.

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