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    Default Combining shapes?


    I wondered if anyone could advise?

    I am trying to write a very simple target game in java, with a flying spaceship moving from left to right at the top of the JPanel.

    I was trying to build a flying saucer, with a circle for the window part and oval for the main part.

    I wondered how best to combin the two shapes, so I could move the two combined together using one set of x and y? Could I use the Area Class?

    Thank you

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    One solution might just be to have a draw(Graphics g) method in your SpaceShip class, which uses its x and y to draw itself however you want. Then call that method from the paintComponent(Graphics g) method you overrode, passing in the Graphics as a parameter.
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    Another idea, create an image in a BufferedImage and draw that in the paintComponent method.

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